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music: Eduard Rodés

Our children grow up with nothing for us to do but try to understand them and adapt to the new situations and relationships that are presented to us. And if when they were little we had to put them to sleep with a story and a lullaby, in adolescence we have to try to get them to let us live and sleep. The music has always been a good way to try, not always successfully. I composed this piece for my daughter Clara, to tell her that I love her and for crisis situations. And I hope that in time she will forgive me the evil of having put a little bit of her beast in my music, which is nothing but a form of fatherly love.

María José Boira
Born in Barcelona, she began her guitar studies with Fernando Alonso. In 1987 she continued her guitar studies at the Escola de Arts Musicals Luthier with the teachers William Waters, Manuel Gonzalez, Fernando Rodríguez, Arnaldur Arnarson, Alex Garrobé and Xavier Coll.

María José Boira
Luthier: Joaquín García

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