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Facing the realization of a second production required many people to encourage me to do it and a certain level of madness. The truth is that there have been many more than I could have even imagined. They told me that they liked my works, that I made them feel good, that it was worth it and that I didn't stop composing. That's encouraged me to continue.
I would like to take this opportunity to mention some people who collaborated in the final part of my previous work "with one's hands". Carlota Garriga who put me in contact with Jaume Torrent. He helped me to understand my compositions better and encouraged me to go deeper into the Mediterranean spirit that I have tried to reflect in the new pieces.

This album has a main protagonist: Carles Trepat. His generosity towards my music has allowed me to have within my reach the most difficult means to obtain. Thanks for everything Carles!
Santi Rodés, my brother, who as always has put creativity, ideas, work in his free time and good mood. And he is the one who makes the music wrapping a little wonder every time.

María José and Halldór have put their magic and physical space to work: their house, where we have been able to share afternoons of work with children running through the corridors and joy in abundance.

And in the end, in order for the project to see the light, resources were needed to enable the production to be carried out, to which many friends, now Citizens of the Mediterranean Republic, have contributed.

To all of you, thank you!

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