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As I reached the end of the work on this album, I realized with surprise how much the navigation chart that accompanies the album is actually a map of my soul. For me, creation is the process of materializing realities built from a set of experiences, desires, dreams and everything that surrounds me. This Mediterranean Republic tells new stories, worked in a more serene period, in which the search for answers has intensified and has led to an inordinate increase in questions. And in which the boundaries between the real and the unreal have become more unrecognizable and therefore more suggestive. Things are naturally arranged and structured as if they had been thought of beforehand. And I recognize that this is not the case, and if it is, I am not aware of how it happens.

Among those things that happen it is worth mentioning how Liberté was born. Andrés Cascio asked me at the end of June 2005 to compose music that could express an idea: years of work in the pursuit of freedom. In return he gave me the opportunity to face two challenges. On the one hand to try to explain an abstract concept with music, and on the other hand to make a composition for the first time in response to a request.

Vicenç Molina, who knew about the request and my willingness to try to fulfill it, asked me to make the sound of the composition melodious, elegant, harmonious, constructive and placidly sensual. I want to imagine that Vicenç asked for it with his best disposition and good intentions, but after analyzing the request it was not an easy one. In return he gave me the possibility to discover in his temple-office at the University of Barcelona a fragment of a poem by Paul Eluard that inspired the music and became in the lyrics of the anthem that incorporates the composition and that gives it's name.

Joan Francesc Pont enthusiastically joined the project and provided the context and means necessary for the production. He gave me a fundamental element: the wicks of the basket containing the Mediterranean Republic, based on his ideas and writings.

Andrés put the idea, Vicenç put the frame and the poetry, Joan Francesc put the context and the spirit, I put the music and Carles Trepat put the magic. A wonderful madness.

I hope you enjoy this Mediterranean Republic as much as I do, and that you understand that it is a way of understanding life, or rather a life project to which everyone who shares its meaning is welcome.

I would be especially grateful if you could send me your comments, sensations, ideas, criticisms..., to I promise to answer you.

See you in the Mediterranean Republic!

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