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Lady in Sienna
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Lady in SiennaLady in Sienna
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Lady in Sienna
music: Eduard Rodés

In memory of the anarchist painter Helios Gómez

The voice of a town crier announces that on October 27th 1905 Helios Gómez was born in Seville, the son of a cork worker anarchist. At the age of 13 he started working in the ceramic factory of La Cartuja where he was initiated in the profession of painter-decorator. From that moment he joined the anarchist union CNT. His skills as a painter led him to seek a more academic education and he attended evening courses at the School of Art of the Museum of Seville. He makes his first publication on the cover of the anarchist newspaper Free Pages and works that he exhibits for the first time in 1925 in the Kursaal café in Seville. That same year Helios made a sanguine with the portrait of a woman, the "Lady in sienna" that gives the title to this piece. First he draws the outline of the portrait with a few lines. He makes an effort to visualize the final result and gains confidence because he understands how to execute the drawing. And it is at that moment when he begins to make the strokes in a decisive way. This musical passage is the main theme of the work. It tries to reflect a Helios totally in love with his model. During the following years he develops as an artist and travels and exhibits in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels and Berlin. In 1930 he moved to Barcelona and evolved from anarchism to communism. He works as an illustrator for Mundo Obrero (labour world) and other progressive publications, becoming more and more of a convinced communist. In 1933 he travels to Moscow and takes part in the exhibition of revolutionary Western art. In 1936 he founds the SDP (Professional Draughtsmen's Union), of which he becomes president. Helios' life is a novel worth knowing. This piece is intended to be just a sketch of his youth and above all the story of a painting with a woman I fell in love with since I was a child and who looked at me every time I visited my grandmother's house. My mother, who inherited it and knew about my feelings, gave it to me.

Carles Trepat
Born in Lleida, he began his musical studies with Jordi Montagut. From 1976 he extended his guitar studies in Barcelona, Alicante and Paris with Eduardo Sainz de la Maza, José Tomás and Alberto Ponce. He has won important prizes in various national and international competitions. He is regularly invited to give concerts in the main Spanish cities, as well as in France, Italy, England, Poland, Russia, Australia,... He is considered one of the best guitar concert players of his generation.

Carles Trepat
Luthier: Santos Gonzalez

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