«Sea Strings» is the culmination of a period in my life that starts in 2002 with the composition of the pieces for my first album, «with one's hands» (2004). This is then followed by «República Mediterrània» (2006) and it ends with the compositions included in this work that we are publishing in 2008.

Here are 16 compositions with the ability to use music as a work instrument to describe things that have evolved and have gradually consolidated themselves. Images and ideas become music in a natural way. When they have a certain structure, they must be worked upon, and they must be polished and perfected, but are transferred onto the guitar in a magical way.

The three works make up an indeliberate trilogy, and we now present them as such, as if this had been planned right from the beginning. During these last years, circumstances and events have managed to obtain that things that were apparently difficult would become part of reality. And they have also managed to obtain that any work and effort carried out to date would, a posteriori, make greater sense.

The present project incorporates a string quartet; music composed for very personal projects, such as the «European School of Short-Sea Shipping»; and remarkable Mediterranean characters, such as Ramon Llull or Pythagoras. To me it is an explosion of colour and people – music interwoven to enjoy from the «República Mediterrània» campus, which takes all that has been previously said as a point of departure in order to enter into the fulfillment of dreams and the generation of emotions.

Themes are structured into two great sections, namely Portraits and Landscapes. Portraits are dedicated to four characters who lived intense, conflictive lives, to the limit in almost everything, both in their private and public spheres. Four characters from four different times, people who provoked – and are indeed provoking – currents and passions for and against. Four characters capable of generating emotions and that are now part of history – Ramon Llull the philosopher; Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia the educator; and Helios Gómez the painter. They all share an emotional link with Barcelona because the three lived in the city at some stage in their lives – a city that meant much more to them than simply a place to live in. And all of them, together with Pythagoras, the fourth character alluded to, equally bear a direct and emotional link with the Mediterranean, because they lived it. And in the case of Llull, he made it into a fundamental part of his life. Barcelona and the Mediterranean act as galvanisers of affinities and feelings.

And the Landscapes: emotional moments that form part of the soundtrack that keeps me company. They try to explain memories, smells, flavours and sensations. And in each case, the palette fills up with different colours that try to describe feelings or values.

Putting an end to this period means beginning a new one, in which I would like to explore new musical avenues and which I hope to be able to share in a not-too-distant future.

In Barcelona, by the Mediterranean Republic, it is springtime.

Eduard Rodes -

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