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Creativity is a mystery which is difficult for me to unravel. I believe it has to do with a protective mechanism within ourselves which sets itself into motion, bringing introspection to light, as well as all that which concerns us and occupies our minds. Or, as a psychologist friend of mine says, “creativity serves to kill all the demons we carry inside us…” The truth of the matter is that when creativity occurs, when music arises within me, it takes me by surprise. Naturally, there are other factors and truths involved in the creativity process: hard work and, of course, inspiration which is whimsical.

With one’s hands brings the listener closer to the voyage of creativity. That which is external to me, i.e., «Palestine», an unresolved conflict, and «Light», the biography of Francisco Ferrer i Guardia are examples of the outer world. The introspective realm, however, is best rendered by «At last» and «Journey Through Empordà» which is a stroll through my life –from my childhood to adulthood – where I recreate scenarios, people and melodies, but above all where I experience sensations, tastes, smells...

My goal and challenge was to tell these stories with my music, in a language capable of evoking the suitable images. To understand these images better, one has to inevitably come closer to the character, the story, the moment or the place. That is why I have inserted a brief explanation which, hopefully, will make my work clearer and more accessible. María José, Halldor, Carles and Fernando have achieved a profound understanding of what I wanted to render and were able to convey it with magical accuracy. I am deeply grateful to them for such a gift and to you for coming and acquainting yourself with my music.

Eduard Rodés

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