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Carles Trepat, Fernando Alonso, Eduard Rodés,          Halldór Már Stefánsson, María José Boira

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This is a space for "Citizens of the Mediterranean Republic", which means understanding and sharing what is expressed in the navigation chart below:


This Mediterranean Republic is not a state. It is a space of coexistence in which culture and civilization flourish; a world in which every man and woman seeks their happiness.
It is not a male fiefdom, the exclusive property of the terrible and avenging gods of the Book. It is a feminine Mediterranean, illuminated by Isis and Minerva, by the legend of a Mary Magdalene capable of loving and being loved.
It is a laic Mediterranean or it would not be the mare nostrum, because it would live divided and threatened by the executors of the divine vengeance.
A space where to do the revolution that today the world needs: the one of the knowledge. The political and religious difficulties are fed by ignorance and superstition. Knowledge is unjustly distributed and the walls must be broken down so that wisdom can spread over the earth.
For this work we have to use and universalize the Internet and the media, the use of English as a lingua franca has to become widespread, and democratic reformers in all countries have to raise their voices, in accordance with their own tradition, but with the clear and effective support of their fellow citizens in the rest of the world.

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