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music : Eduard Rodés

Some everyday news items such as the violence in Palestine have shown up repeatedly during my life. Palestine is a land of peace, in which its people lived in peace. Erroneous decisions and aggressive acts by both sides have incurred the only possible consequence; that of pain and suffering, and specifically that of the children who have lived with this conflict. What would lead to a utopia and the only hope for a kinder future is the thought that, at some point, those children, in of themselves and by their parents, will see that violence is not the path that will lead to a solution, and that by their own hand, and that in time, with talk, knowledge, and understanding they will be able to build a new peace for Palestine. Form a new generation which instead of building walls and fomenting hate follows new paths and brings peace. A necessary utopia, though not sufficient to obtain it.

Carles Trepat
Born in Lérida (Spain), he began his musical studies with Jordi Montagut. Beginning in 1976 he continued his study of the guitar in Barcelona, Alicante, and Paris with Eduardo Sainz de la Maza, José Tomás, and Alberto Ponce. He received prestigious awards in various national and international competitions. Regularly invited to perform in the major Spanish cities, as well as in France, Italy, England, Poland, Russia, and Australia, he is considered to be on of the foremost concert guitarrists of his generation.

Carles Trepat
Carles Trepat
Carles Trepat
Carles Trepat
Carles Trepat
Guitar: built by Antonio de Torres in 1892


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